Coronavirus in mississippi & neighboring states

Cumulative Confirmed Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Mississippi and neighboring states are displayed in the associated map. Two types of data are represented. After selection of the appropriate state, the first map is data collected from showing the cumulative COVID-19 cases to date. The second map is using population estimates and calculates a case per 100,000 population. The population estimates are based on the latest US Census data from 2019. By placing your cursor over one of the counties, additional information is revealed. The table represents the numerical data from each of the individual counties along with the percent of residents who have had COVID-19. The maps and table will be updated on a weekly basis. After selecting a specific state, the user can return to the overall map and select another state when needed.

Please Note: Cases per 100K Residents are calculated on the accumulated number of cases in the county divided by the US Census 2019 county population multiplied by 100,000.